About Me

Hello! I’m Donna Yansen, a beauty and wellbeing therapist.


My career started some 20yrs ago in London, in a studio in Russell Square, before moving onto a Clarins Gold Salon in Covent Garden and then much further afield to Clarins in Melbourne and Sydney.

On my way back from down under, I went on a journey around Asia, embracing everything natural and holistic. I fell in love with eastern mysticism and philosophy. It was the first step on a personal journey of self-healing and self-empowerment which changed my life.

I returned to the UK, inspired and impassioned to pass on what I had learnt and spread love, healing and happiness to others through a range of beauty treatments and wellbeing therapies.

My clients receive the very best of care and customer service, below are four values I hold dear and promise to every one of my clients.


I am forever grateful for every client who chooses to come to my salon, whether it’s for the first time or for the millionth time. You will always be treated as one of my Very Important People!


Client safety is key. I am a certified practitioner in every treatment I provide and continually train to ensure clients receive the safest and highest quality of service. I work from a designated salon room within my home, where high standards are kept and unexpected visitors avoided!


Anything you share in the salon, stays in the salon. Feel free to vent, cry, scream, be silly, take a deep breath, have a sing-song or get your ohm on! Whatever it is, my salon is a safe space where you can say whatever you feel and be yourself without judgement.


I embrace new industry treatments and strive to provide clients a salon experience that is up to date with the latest trends. I promise to never be stagnant and to try new things.

My wide range of beauty and wellbeing treatments will make you feel amazing, shining from head-to-toe and from the inside-out.

Give yourself the love you deserve.

Donna x