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Organic Facials, Body Massages, 
Hot Stone Therapy, Crystal Healing, Reflexology, Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage, Back Treatments

Heaven Organic Treatments

Bee Sting Facial   1hr   £65

Suitable for all skin types

The Menopause Facial  1hr   £65

This facial has been designed to treat peri-menopausal & menopausal skins. 

Collagen Facial 1hr  £65

A facial to help replenish Collagen levels to support skin



Anti-ageing & Exfoliating Facial  40mins  £37
An intense treatment to help extract toxins

Suitable for all skin types.

Bee Peel Facial   30mins  £45
A facelift in a jar to blur lines.

Suitable for dry, dehydrated & blemished skins.

Holistic Facial  55mins  £50    [The Hug Facial]
This facial is also referred to as ‘ The Hug’ as It leaves you feeling, renewed, loved & hugged.   Essential for everyone.

Indulgent Body Massages

Hot Stone Therapy-   Full Body    1hr 20 mins    £65
                               Back Neck & Shoulder    50 mins     £45

A very hot & deep treatment to unlock stressed muscles.


Deep Tissue Massage - Full Body  1hr 10 mins    £45                                                 Back Neck Shoulder  40 mins   £33

An aromatherapy massage to manipulate tired muscles & enhance relaxation. 


Lymph Drainage Massage-  1hr 20 mins    £60

This stimulates the body’s circulatory and lymphatic systems


Organic Back Cleanse   50 mins    £40
An invigorating, exfoliating & deep cleanse for the back.


Healing & Complementary Therapy

Crystal Healing   45 mins    £45
A spiritual experience incorporating the healing and powerful forces of crystals to calm the spirit and mind.

Reiki     45 mins     £45
A form of energy healing from ancient Tibet

Reflexology   1hr   £45
A specialized massage performed on the feet. 

Japanese Head & Neck Massage   30 mins    £35
A beautiful massage which may help to alleviate stress headaches, migraines, eye strain, and a dry scalp. Will induce a sense of tranquility and calmness of the mind.


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